Mother magic

I need to get out of the house more. Nothing seems to be going on – apart from almost getting killed driving home from Port Douglas. But still.
Maybe it’s just me who gets bored. I certainly loose interest the second we say we do something that is exercise. Yesterday we went for a walk at Palm Cove and it all seemed just a little too familiar.

That was until we got to the pier. This is a picture from before the recent floods

A lovely beach with a few rocks sticking up here and there. The spot that this picture was taken from no longer exists. It now looks like this

– a rock formation and a big massive river.

I’m impressed by mother nature. That is one awesome magic trick.


2 thoughts on “Mother magic

    • Ha ha ha – I thought the same when I wrote it: “who’s got the problem? – who needs to do something about it?”
      If all things fall into place (crossing fingers, toes and eyes), it wont be long before I will get plenty out of the house. Looks like I’ll be travelling to DK at the end of April! Woo hooo! THEN there will be something to write about – reverse culture shock!

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