Almost there…

The granny squares have been joined together and I have started a border. It is the most tedious thing EVER. The blanket looks like this

and the border currently looks like this

I’ve gone all the way around, first with white, then with green and now with white again. I sort of think I should do one more round of white, but I cannot bear the thought. It is SO BORING. Maybe tomorrow…


4 thoughts on “Almost there…

    • THANK YOU! Thank you so much for commenting – what motivation! Now I have now decided that I WILL finish it today!

    • Despite not wanting to do another round, I think you are right. I have done two rows of white after the green and thought it could be considered finished, but it needs another round of green. I’m currently thinking if I should use a darker colour green… not sure about this yet (advice on this would be fantastic).

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