Wrong dream

Yesterday was a loooong day at archery. We shot a full fita, which makes no sense to anyone outside of the archery community, but all you need to know is that it is the longest round we have. We started at 9am and finished at 4pm. When I arrived home at 5.30, I was a shadow of my normal self. It is hard to shoot the full fita; it is close to torture to do it in our weather conditions.

I tried to function for a few hours, but failed miserably. I attempted to check my email, which wouldn’t open because I wrote @hotototmail.com. I tried to cook dinner, but couldn’t find the sour cream in the fridge… then Mr Husband took over. I tried to crochet but used the wrong colour…. wwwuuuaaaaa.

Needless to say, I went to bed early. Very early. And have slept for almost 14 hours. It’s amazing how our bodies can mend themselves while lying still. But with all that lying still comes a side-effect: the dreams. I suppose the brain gets tired of lying still, while the body is being mended, so it starts entertaining itself. The most freaky thing about last nights/this morning’s dreams were that I am sure I took over Mr Husbands dreams.

Maybe we have been sharing sleeping space for too long or maybe my brain was too exhausted to come up with something decent on its own; for sure, there is no way last nights dreams were ment for me. All I did was go fishing. First on a beach, then on a boat, then on a large boat at night, then scuba diving under water. The fridge on the boat was full of hot dogs and apple juice. It was scary!

When I told Mr Husband about it this morning his face lit up and he said “How wonderful, now you start to get it. That is great honey”. Well… I don’t. He can keep his dreams about fishing, hot dogs and apple juice. Dreams like that are wasted on me!

Have you ever tried that? Dreaming something that you are sure was not meant for you?


2 thoughts on “Wrong dream

  1. Dreams are supposed to reveal sides of yourself that you are not aware of. So in a state of deep fatigue, your ego was not able to restrain your real self from coming out! You probably need to start a long psychotherapy so you can come to realise that deep down all you’re longing for is going fishing while eating hot dogs and drinking apple juice.

    Mrs Freud
    (first consultation is free)

    • Thank you Dr Freud. Maybe I realised how much I dislike it… and need to tell Mr Husband he can stuff his hotdogs and applejuice!

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