Gone fishing..

Before the little road incident on the way home, we spent the afternoon at a river somewhere outside of Port Douglas. Despite it raining just a little, it was quite enjoyable. Mr Husband was hanging around the pier looking like this:

I sat in a (somewhat) comfortable chair, starting a new secret project, that I don’t want to talk about just yet, as I don’t know how it will turn out:

My view was quite nice

And we had plenty of entertainment from the local ferals, who were fighting for the territory; at the edge of the water are two crocodiles hanging around. Both of them are more than 2 meters long…

I tried to tape their conversation; I apologise for the shaky tape, the finger in the middle and the cars running over the bridge. Underneath the branch there is a crock with its mouth open. It’s having a hissy fit at the other crock – I hope you get the gist of it


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