Welcome to Nerdville

Flue i løb (it’s a Danish blog for those who didn’t recognise the funny letter) went a little crazy this weekend in Nerdville. It had to do with measurements in the universe, like how long the Chinese wall is compared to the planet Mercury and other thrilling information like that. I sort of felt the attraction – well, only a little. What I really felt attracted to was the excitement. Because that is the universal gene we nerds share in bucket loads: over-excitement about things, which other people get funny looks in their faces over.

My comment to Flue i Løb was that my weekend would have been equally as exciting, if you had given me some stats on causes leading to crime. This has given me the brilliant idea, that I am going to show you, what we criminologist send emails to each other about. The below topics come from a national electronic newsletter distributed by the Sydney Institute of Criminology (University of Sydney) called CrimNet. You are going to love this! I do!

  • The NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research has just released a report called “Illicit Drug Use and Property Offending among Police Detainees”
  • at University of Queensland there is a seminar on the “Career Path of a Corruption Entrepreneur”
  • We can order a study on “Youth Justice Conferences versus Children’s Courts: a Comparison of re-offending”
  • Monash University has a seminar where someone presents on ‘mixed race’ identity – conceptualising a comparative study (guess who is going to track down the readings from this event – woo hoo)
  • The the Australian institute of Criminology in Canberra has a report on the drug use monitoring in Australia for 2009-2010 (has to do with urine samples – yes it does!)
  • The Victorian Sentencing Advisory Council has released a report that examines data on sentence appeals in Victoria

Then we are invited to a conference on Violence Studies at the University of Newcastle, a book launch for the book ‘Cocaine, Death Squads, and the War on Terror’, another called “Globalization and Borders: Death at the Global Frontier” (written by Sharon Pickering, who is absolutely awesome) and informed that the NSW Parliament has recently released something on Gun Violence (EB 05/2012).

And that was just a small pick from the last two weeks. Welcome to my version of Nerdville, thank you for the visit.

3 thoughts on “Welcome to Nerdville

  1. I’m NERD and I’m proud!
    (Spoken out loud with a thick Irish accent please)

    I do love crime statistic and would love it even more if politicians took them as serious as the need to comply with “retsbevistheden”.
    But this
    “-conceptualising a comparative study”
    makes my brain hurt!
    And reminds me of a highly competent German law professor lecturing on the natural concept of justice (fascinating concept indeed), and talking so long (reading from a manuscript) about each slide even the computer slipped into deep hibernation.

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