Coming home from work today I got a real scare. It was 5pm and the car was there, so I thought ‘no worries, Mr Husband is home”. When I got to the flat, the door was locked. OK different, but not a problem. I unlocked the door and all was dark. Hmmm, weird, is he having a snooze? Went to the bedroom, no one there.

The bin had started to smell (takes two seconds in this humid heat) so I decided to take out the trash in my confusion. Walking back to the flat I thought “this is really weird, he never leaves without the car, where is he? He will be there when you return.” Back upstairs I started checking the whole place (two bedrooms). All his shoes were there, his fishing gear was there, his work uniform was there, no note. Maybe he was hiding to surprise me? Maybe he had a heart attack somewhere and was waiting for me to save him? Maybe he got pissed off with the new neighbour who plays African drums Sunday morning at 8 am, went to have a talk with them and got killed? I even checked inside the closet, just in case.

I heard voices outside and thought I would check them out, but it turned out to be some young guys at the pool. Then I saw it, the shadow of the man I can recognise just about anywhere, in the most unlikely place. Wearing the shoes I would never have noticed missing in a place where I would never have looked: the gym.

Mr Husband is attempting getting back into shape. I was so relieved. If nothing else, they say that breaking your routine keeps your brain allert and healthy. He certainly got my brain working in a new and unexpected way….


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