Full weekend!

Once home from the Cairns fruit and veggie market, we entertained ourselves by serving one glamorous dish after the other to each other. Mr Husband tried cooking pawn laksa for the first time. It will not be the last:

I felt I had to try the cinnamon bun recipe, just to check if it really is as good as I claim…

This, of course, led to many hours on the sofa, crochet or fishing magazines in hand and watching old movies. I, for one, had forgotten how good “What’s eating Gilbert Grape” is. “Syriana” was worth the second view as well!  Thank you also to SBS for showing “the King of Kong” (go get it if you haven’t yet seen it – we still got sucked in on this our third view). All in all, not too bad for a dull, grey, rainy weekend. We have proven we can survive without internet. NOW GIVE IT BACK!


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