Girly-girl NOT

I have inherited my fathers nails, which is a bit of a shame (sorry dad). We also have completely identical thumbs – that just happen to look exactly like this lovely statue:

Uncanny isn’t it? If it wasn’t because my father’s family relations were already well established on the north-west coast of Denmark, I would claim we were relations of Cesar Baldaccini. What else would be the point of having this type of nail? They are not exactly nice. My brother got the long strong nails from my mother and the lovely golden curls… neither of us see the point of that.

About two years ago I decided that “RIGHT! That’s it! I have to make an effort!” (It happened to coincide with someone telling me that the new hit was to wear nail polish on short nails). So I started polishing my nails. I have practised and practised and practised. God Dammit, I cannot get it right. I will sit and wave my fingers FOR AGES (obviously not) waiting for the bloody thing to dry. And arrive at work with this:

How do you do it? I cannot figure it out.


5 thoughts on “Girly-girl NOT

  1. I think it’s quite a common problem. Have you noticed the number of women who always have nicely painted toenails but not fingernails? (I am one of them). For some reasons nail polish sticks to toenails better!
    Have you tried using quick drying nailpolish?

    • You read my mind! I am trialing one today! I have to say it was more difficult to apply, BECAUSE it dries faster. It also looked better in the bottle – lovely golden tanny look. On the nails it’s just bright yellow. It looks kind of sick really – especially in contrast to the black keyboard.
      And you are right about the toenails too!! They are EASY! This really is an unsolved mystery!

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