Friends are the people who know how to make you feel better, when things are not so good. Good friends can even make you feel, as if the situation is not so bad. Yesterday I was asked to check my mail. This was what I found:

Inside was a letter:

Dear Signe,
Just thought I’ll send you something to wear for next time you see your real estate agent! I don’t send the rope yet, but no worries, it’s ready 🙂

And then this t-shirt:

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! I love it. It will make me smile every time I think of the real estate agent from now on. Well done Brigitte! And thank you for knowing how to make me feel better! You are awesome!


2 thoughts on “Friends

    • I have decided to bring a coathanger to work and hang it by my desk – should have had one in the olden days. Maybe the boss would have been less of a dictator…

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