… and another thing

Yesterday I received this parcel:

Being overwhelmed by Telstragate, I almost cried over the thought that I would have to do something about Australia Post as well. Then I opened the parcel and instantly forgot all sorrows and pain. My mother, who has made art exploration her major retirement project, had been to the Museum of Art in Public Spaces and bought me this little thingy.

Instant thrill! It is an art project collaboration thing; it’s a USB decorated by HuskMitNavn holding samples of electronic music released by Tartelet Records. I have never heard of any of them, but I love my new USB. He has moved into the office and in an attack of Japanese proportions, he married the lady who lives in the teapot.

I apologise for this childish marriage, but it got my spirits back. From now on, doing backups will be so much more fun! Thanks mum!


2 thoughts on “… and another thing

  1. Nice. Have you checked your office mailbox recently? There should be something from Canberra, a professional item ,of course :p, from the ANU …

    • OMG!!!! I ran up to my mailbox as soon as I saw your message!
      That is SO funny!!! And thoughtful. THANK YOU!
      It is going on the blog tomorrow for sure!!

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