A broken ‘mam’

Yesterday I think I hit a rock bottom low in my dealings with Telstra. I’ve arrived at a point where the anger is gone and I just feel sad and humiliated. Yesterday I rang again to find out what was wrong, why we didn’t have a phone line, what they were going to do about it and when something would happen. I spoke to a sea of people – nobody could help me.

Three (3) Telstra staff kept saying that I was entitled to internet through a wireless USB stick-thing and that they would make sure I got one. The last person I talked to (Dennis – with the strong US accent) recommended that I go to my local Telstra shop to pick it up. Having thanked him overwhelmingly for his help, I raced from work to the Smithfield shopping centre, into the Telstra shop. Here I was met by a young girl with platina blond hair and fake eyelashes. These were her exact words “I have no idea why they would say that. Why do you think we can help you? That is so weird!”. She could find only one reference of my calls to Telstra, the very first one, the girl from India. The rest had made no mention of talking to me. Right. OK. So how do I find out what is going on? She put me through to the complaints department, where I got to talk to Tammy. Tammy must be the secret emergency weapon in Telstra, because frankly, she broke my spirits completely.

Tammy spoke in a defensive and quite stern voice. It was like being told off by a headmaster at a bording school. Quite condescendingly, she told me that she could not see that being without a phone and/or internet for 5 days was a problem. She implied that I was needy and while I had to pass the phone back and forth to the blond wonder, it was insinuated that I was probably trying to con them; that I was trying to get away with having free internet, I wasn’t entitled to. The Tammy told me straight up that she was not going to help me.Then she hung up.

I felt so ashamed. Standing there in the shopping centre I felt as if I was a hysterical, greedy cow and that I had been bothering them unnecessarily. That 5 days without a phone is absolutely OK and that I was out-of-order in wanting an explanation and a fixing time. I felt so embarrassed, didn’t know what to say and just left.

And that is the end of that. I am not going to call them again. I admit my defeat – mostly because I have no choice. I am powerless. They don’t care and they don’t have to care. Telstra has monopoly in Cairns.


3 thoughts on “A broken ‘mam’

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  2. You used to be entitled to compensation if your service was out for an “unreasonable” length of time. But of course, it all depends how “unreasonable” is defined. In Cairns, it’s probably Testra that defines what is unreasonable 😦

    • Well, obviously Tammy does not think of 5 days as an unreasonable time. I think she thinks I’m the one who is unreasonable…. 😦

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