They call me ‘mam’

I have a list of things to tell you, pictures to show you and great little stories.
The granny squares are all done, ready to be crocheted together, I got a fantastic present in the post from my mom, I have gone all girly in the past days… but alas, you have to wait. The phone line, and with that our internet, is down and Telstra is in no hurry to fix it. 5 days they say… take a deep breath and think hard about how you would react to your elderly relative being without a phone for 5 days – like our neighbour, who we are now checking in on every day, whether she likes it or not (she is not well).

So instead of colourful pretty stories, you are today getting the largest mother load of foulness. That is me, writing my frustrations, in total tantrum, about the uselessness of Australian service providers. Feel free to stop here.

Actually that helped. I am a little subdued by the fact that I’m using the internet at work to write this.

Hang on, wait, I feel something coming… Let me just say that I have talked to 6 different people in Telstra/Bigpond and have arrived at ZERO. The only person that was really helpful, was the girl in India. She gave me a fault reference number, told me how long it would take and informed me that I am entiteled to wireless internet via a USB, while the service is out. She couldn’t help me any further because she was in India. She was sorry, but she had to transfer me back to Australia. If I wasn’t sorry when she said it, I soon became: the Australian service was APPALLING!! It consisted of one message only: “Sorry mam, I cannot help you” – “I’m sorry mam, but you have been put through to the wrong person” –  “I’m sorry to hear that mam, but I am not the right person to talk to. I will forward your call to someone else”. 5 TIMES!!! Now I can’t get through. Twice I’ve been told that the que is too long, they will call me back in the next 2-4 hours. Does that happen? Do fish live in trees. Bah! I want the Indian girl back and I want her to have authority to send me that USB stick, so it is all over and done with. I cannot believe that my subscription fees pay the wages of the useless people in Australia.

Nadia, Dennis, Graham, Christina, Eric and I-couldn’t-hear-your-name:


4 thoughts on “They call me ‘mam’

  1. Try DODO…. they are hilarious…. Seriously, just like the DIAC…. I get off really easy though. Because of my hearing impairment I can’t understand their accent on the phone, so my husband have to deal with them every single time :-D.
    I have to admit that I thought that my Danish internet provider was a bit slack, but we kept them because they were really cheap and sort of did the job.
    Now I can’t wait to get home to the land of fiber net and almost prompt service.
    Best of luck with Telstra.

    • Oh I wish I could!
      Problem is: Telstra has monopoly in Cairns.
      Optus used to take new customers, now they only provide services to customers who move here.
      The others say they are in Cairns, but put in any post code for Cairns and they are sorry, but they do not supply in that area.
      We can choose between Telstra and… Telstra!
      In Brisbane we had iinet. It’s the best company in the country. I hope they make it up here one day….

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