Today I have updated the ‘about me‘ page. A little housekeeping was needed after The 100th post as it has made me reflect on this blog and what it is I’m trying to do here.

I have discovered that, like many other bloggers, this is a space where I can gather my thoughts, evaluate my life, even if I do not write it all down.

It has been two months since I started and I haven’t gone insane or suicidal in that time, but I find that I can relate to bloggers stating that this keeps them sane, that it has saved their lives. The daily excercise of thinking about what to write (and why) is a powerful one.  It keeps me grounded and grateful for the large and small events in life. I’m slowly settling into my role as a blogger, finding my voice and footpath, and hope to keep growing in this universe of stories.

I also hope that you will keep following this journey. I have to admit that I don’t really understand why you already do, but it must be for the same reason that I religiously read blogs by others. The bottom line is, that having readers makes it all 100 times better and nothing thrills me more than when you comment. It literally brings my hands above my head.

There! Ready for another 100.


2 thoughts on “Status

    • This is as close to around the corner I can get – making sure that we are still neighbours in the mind.
      Det er så fedt at du læser med!

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