F****CK – I did it again

Let me start with a weather report, just so we are clear on, how this became a for-fuck-sake-story and not just a darn-that-was-silly-story. The monsoon rain, which was supposed to fall in January, has decided to fall in the middle of March. It looks something like this:

When walking the 1 kilometer to work, it is really just for the sake of looking like I’m making an effort, that I carry the umbrella. It doesn’t work. I have to cross two puddles of 30 cm water and the wind is swirly, so it is really just the hair, which is only partly wet on arrival. The rest is soaked.

So I hurry.

This morning I was in too much of a hurry. So much so, that I left the keys in the bloddy mailbox. AGAIN! And this on a day where I was up early, out of the house early, to get to work early so I had plenty of time to prepare for my 10 o’clock. I just had to check if there was anything in that stupid box, since I passed it. I arrived soaking wet to my office, door locked, no one there. I had to return home, through the puddles, get the key and do the trip one more time.

This is how the keys greeted me: casually dangling with not a care in the world. They should be ashamed of themselves.


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