Indian Weather report

This morning I was on the phone with my friend Rahul, who lives and works in Goa. He finishes work at 2am as he works on a newspaper, so if I get up early, we can catch up. They are great conversations; Rahul is exhausted from work and I’m not yet awake… most conversation-filters are out of function, leaving great potential for honesty.

I know the conversation is coming to an end when Rahul is falling off his chair. This should coincide with my coffee working and me being ready for the day. Today it didn’t. I did know we were getting towards the end of the conversation cause we were talking about the weather. I was complaining about the rain season, which is no news to anyone here… then, to the horror of Mr Husband, I asked about the weather in Goa. While Mr husband was shouting in the background: “HAVE YOU EVER HEARD OF MONSOON?”, Rahul could report that, in Goa, they have torrential rain for six months of the year. SIX bloddy months of rain, rain, rain and 35C.

Mr Husband kept ranting in the background, absolutely appalled at my lacking Indian weather skills: “How could you not know that? One of your favourite movies is Monsoon Wedding!” – “but that takes place in Delhi” – “BUT you should know that India has monsoons” – yadi-yadi-yadi-da. In the mean time Rahul was telling me how wonderful rain season is as it washes off the dust and everything becomes green, crisp and clean. I questioned that (and I talked about the rash I have in my armpit from sweating).

I have never been to India, so my knowledge about the place is based on random reading, TV and Bollywood movies. That excludes me from being an authority on Indian weather. I hereby apologise to all of the readers out there who thought differently: this blog is not the place to go if you are looking for an Indian weather report.

It is true though that I love the movie Monsoon Wedding and have a favourite tune from there. I thought I’d play it for you and was thrilled to find this video on Youtube, a drive through the monsoon, somewhere in India. It is almost as interesting as Zenmaster I + II. And it shows that rain season is equally as grey in India as it is here! I see green, but I don’t see crisp and clear! And I bet you the driver has a rash somewhere that he would share with friends and family!

The song is called Aaj Mausam Bada Beimann Hai which has been translated into meaning “Today the Weather Plays Tricks on Me” – how polite they are in India!


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