YAY for Sunday!

Peewww the 100 posts are out-of-the-way. It almost put a hold to me posting other items – 100 things are hard to come up with. Sunday has, despite pouring rain (when does this season end? I thought it was supposed to stop in February!) been a right pleaser; a friendly clap on the back from a caring universe. It began with me doing my morning round on the balcony, where the basil is having a growth-fit and TADA the parsley has decided to grow:

This inspired a trip to Bunnings where I could choose between three types of rosemary (couldn’t find the garden expert – but didn’t go looking for him either) and they even let me borrow an umbrella to go looking for it. We got plant + soil and headed for the city, where our favourite ice-cream shop displayed new selections of ice-cream. YES! Then we found a place that sells a decent Peking duck – even more YES! – and now it is time to climb onto the sofa, to continue the crochet project, which is happily coming along!

Because the second batch of yarn has arrived! The solution to the math problem ended up being 23 – 10 white and 13 different colours. YAY for colours!

YAY for Sunday!



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