The 100th post

Here is to honouring blog traditions; 100 things about me:

  1. I have flown from Brisbane to Cairns with a cooked Peking Duck in my luggage.
  2. I have very narrow feet.
  3. The first word I said was Traktor (it was in Danish, so the spelling is correct)
  4. For my last meal I would choose tea and toast.
  5. I have been a girl scout of America.
  6. I still have my cookie badge.
  7. When I worked in Johannesburg, one of my jobs were to look for sick or dead children in the street.
  8. One day, while searching for dead children, I had a 6-year-old child, screaming at me in panic, because I walked through the crowd of pink elephants, only he could see in his haze of glue.
  9. In South Africa I learned I am white. Not neutral. White. Forever.
  10. When I left South Africa I swore I would never go back. Not even if you paid me 2 billion dollars. Nothing has changed me so profoundly as my time in South Africa.
  11. I have lived on a mountain in Wales.
  12. I have lived at the bottom of a mountain in Tuscany.
  13. I live next to what looks like mountains (I know, they are tablelands, but for someone from a flat country they look suspiciously like mountains)
  14. I feel guilty about having moved to the other side of earth.
  15. One glass of wine makes me sleepy. Two glasses of wine makes me very sleepy. Three glasses of wine makes me drunk. I rarely drink alcohol.
  16. If you want to get me drunk, serve a good mix of Mojitas and Margaritas.
  17. When I was a young teenager I thought smoking weed was the coolest thing in the world. Then I got stoned and thought I was being attacked by rainbow coloured trees. That was the end of that.
  18. I have a true phobia towards frogs.
  19. Hypnosis has cured my fear of dentists. I thought it was such a lame thing to do, but desperate times lead to desperate measures. It was so worth it.
  20. I can say “my name is Signe, I’m from Denmark” in Estonian.
  21. The job I have loved the most, ever, was selling burgers at Tommy’s burger bar at the harbour, where I come from. Working at a burger bar has always been my plan B in life… it still is.
  22. If the water is brown and you tell me it’s tea, I’ll drink it (for this item, I would like to acknowledge the time my Iranian friends served me microwaved coke)
  23. I don’t like beer. At All. End of story.
  24. I LOVE the feeling of scissors cutting through fabric (to my mother’s despair this started when I was 2 years old)
  25. I also LOVE the feeling of tearing off wallpaper (again, to my mother’s despair this also started around the age of 2)
  26. My favourite neighbours ever were Donna and Joe. Not kiddin.
  27. My entire childhood my dad told me to eat with my head above my plate (hold ind over). Now I wear an apron when I eat.
  28. Everyone thinks my favourite colour is blue. It is in fact yellow – always has been. But I cheat and say blue. I look really shitty in yellow.
  29. The second someone says: “are you ready to leave” I have to go to the toilet.
  30. The name of the bravest man I know is Sheku Amadu Jalloh. For 15 years, he has been my life’s perspective.
  31. I do not have a middle name; I’m grateful for that.
  32. I prefer to wear my glasses to wearing contact lenses… this is highly unpractical during a hot rain season.
  33. I have the most diverse taste of music of anyone I know. I love all music played well. I think it is a sign of old age that I’m beginning to dislike death metal.
  34. I recall my life with soundtracks of music: “ah yes, that was when we listened to Bronsky Beat”.
  35. I can sing along to nearly any song that comes on the radio, whether you want me to or not.
  36. When I was 5, mom and dad gave me a Rod Steward tape (well, technically they gave it to my brother, but when has that ever stopped me?). Since then I have always danced to “Hot Legs” – in fact, you cannot stop me.
  37. I have doubted many things about myself through my life, but I have never doubted my sanity. Because sometimes insanity is the only sane response to a situation.
  38. If I had to choose a famous person to spend time on a deserted island with, it would be Marilyn Manson. I have the longest list of reasons for that. For real.
  39. One of the greatest compliments ever given to me was when Mr Husband said I am a great kisser. He still thinks that. Woo Hoo to him!
  40. I practised for 4 years before I learned how to whistle. Unfortunately I can only do it very, very loud. People always complain. Even at a Pixie’s concert (technically it was Frank Black, but I couldn’t tell the difference)
  41. I was asked what superpower I would most like to have. I have no idea! I don’t like the idea of having superpowers…
  42. My favorite fruit is raspberries (I KNOW it is a berry, not a fruit. Live with it)
  43. I think the most important symbol on the keyboard is the question mark.
  44. The Jung personality test says I’m blessed with a vivid imagination. It also says I have the same personality as Jimmy Carter…. hurray?
  45. I chew gum. A lot.
  46. I never use to believe in love at first sight. In fact, I may even have trashed talked it down a few times it. Then I met Mr Husband, which did tragic damage to my pragmatism. My friend Ditte says it was just hormones.
  47. I hate wearing dresses. I especially hate wearing dresses and stockings. When I finally let myself admit that, it was a huge relief.
  48. In saying that, I believe that almost any dress looks fine with a pair of white linen pants underneath.
  49. I do not have a tattoo. For years I wanted one. I made a deal with myself that I was to keep the drawing for one year. If I still wanted it, it was a go. I have a box of potentials. No tattoo.
  50. I am the crappiest liar I know. I can get away with it on the phone, maybe. Not in person. It is not always a good thing.
  51. I get the most insane nightmares. It is a carryover from childhood, which was supposed to stop at some point. It never did.
  52. For the above reason, I do not watch horror movies. Ever. Do not kindle a fire you cannot control.
  53. I stopped dying my hair a long time ago. It suddenly didn’t make sense to me that I would go through hell to eat organic, local and/or sustainable, wear organic and/or responsibly made clothes, live sustainably and then fix my hair up with poison. And no way am I going henna (again).
  54. For years I wanted to be an actor. I thought I would be good at it; then I tried! I discovered that I can only be me. I suspect it has to do with not being able to lie…
  55. I LOVE to tell stories. And I love when other people tell me a story. A society without novelists would be meaningless to me.
  56. I almost fainted when I discovered audio books. I never thought it would be that good.
  57. I can still hear my primary school teachers voice when reading certain books.
  58. I can also still hear my driving teachers voice when attempting parallel parking.
  59. I cannot, cannot, cannot sleep if my feet are cold. It totally sucks.
  60. I am exceptionally good at remembering weird facts.
  61. I am exceptionally bad a remembering names.
  62. I have started keeping articles of the wonder facts I know, just to be sure I have a reference, when people say noooo wayyyy. In case they challenge me.
  63. I have never been good at sports. If I was mediocre I felt lucky. That was until I started archery. I will rock at archery one day.
  64. I HATE competition. I’m a team person. If you ask me to compete with others, I will walk away. I would rather lose that fight you.
  65. In a few, select cases, I will compete fiercely with myself.
  66. When I was little, my mother put a poster of Mao above my bed. I wrote my name on his forehead.
  67. Mr Husband loves darkness. I love light. We will fight about this for the rest of our lives.
  68. I hate it when people ask who I’m more like, my mother or my father. I’m as close as you can get to a mix of both.
  69. I am my social inheritance. BIG TIME
  70. My mother always said: “you can be anything you like, apart from indifferent. I will not have children who do not care”. We care. With passion.
  71. I take no pleasure in watching other people fail. If anything, it makes me sad. I don’t understand modern TV.
  72. A vivid childhood memory is the day Dad took us to the butcher, ran in, got some chops while we waited, jumped in the car, slammed the door and THEN THE DOOR FELL OFF. He pretended it was nothing, threw it in the back and drove home. I believe we were very quiet on the back seat.
  73. I can eat popcorn every day, all day.
  74. Liz said to name the achievement I’m most proud of. I have discovered that I don’t think of my life in highlights like that. It is all interconnected, one big mushie mash. Sorry Liz and thank you for giving me the insight to self.
  75. I used to think I was going to be a politician. Then I found out that, when it comes to certain things, I cannot compromise. End of that career.
  76. Then I tried Union activist. Compromise = end of that career too.
  77. In 1995 I was a Danish delegate at the United Nations World Youth Leadership Summit. It was held at the UN in New York, in honour of its 50th anniversary. At the time, I thought it was the most undemocratic thing I had ever experienced. I have now seen worse.
  78. I often dream that I show up unprepared at exams… in subjects that don’t exist – like “the chemistry of gravity”. I feel so lucky when I wake up.
  79. My approach to house cleaning is that anything more than the minimum required for health is a waste of time and effort.
  80. I am a stepmother.
  81. My mind is extremely disorganised. That’s why I colour coordinate all my files.
  82. I am not a fuzzy eater. I have eaten lamb brain.
  83. I have had chicken pox at least three times and shingles twice.
  84. I graduated elementary school in Greenport, Long Island, USA.
  85. We had to say the Pledge of Allegiance and sing the Star-Spangled Banner and God Bless America for the ceremony. I still know them all by heart. What a waste of a 12-year-old glue-brain.
  86.  My favorite national anthem is the one from Norway. It is also one of the hardest to sing.
  87. When I was a child, I loved the Danish flag. It was so easy to draw. And the red colour symbolises blood!
  88. I talk to the traffic while I drive: “stay there, stay there, good car”.
  89. For many years I played the guitar. I wish I had stuck with it, but I felt sorry for the neighbours.
  90. For three years I played the accordion. No one was sorry when I gave that up.
  91. I have met a lot of rich and/or famous people. It has not changed my life.
  92. The thing I miss most from home is the change of seasons. I am still to get used to living in a place, where leaves do not fall off the trees.
  93. When I was little I wanted to be a pilot. I was devastated when my teacher told me that I couldn’t because of bad eyesight. Some time later she asked if I had thought of something else. I had. I said astronaut. I don’t think she was pleased to break the news about astronauts and eyesight.
  94. I didn’t figure out what I wanted to be, before I was half way through my first education (which I finished). It took me 5 years to work up the courage to go do it. I’m still doing it.
  95. Since then, I have been a strong believer in living from your heart more than from the logic in your head.
  96. I refuse to have a midlife crisis. My student card is valid until I’m 42.
  97. When I sit on my toilet, I’m facing 312° NW.
  98. My favourite bag, my favourite blouse, my favourite shoes are all red.
  99. The words most often used to describe me are passionate, alive and intense.
  100. I’m grateful for my life.

Now join me. porn-star Rod and the fat Mexican kids staring in disbelief – fire it up, dance – sweaty underarms, lip gloss, overalls and all

– is the bar still open?


10 thoughts on “The 100th post

  1. Great to read and travel with you in your childhood, questionning time, daily life, joy… Great 100 facts… thanks for sharing!!! 🙂 Stort kys fra mig.

    • yay – you are reading along too! We were talking about you just the other day, hoping all is well with you!
      It’s been too long since we’ve had a good chat. Will try to catch you Tuesday or Wednesday if you are around!
      Miss you!

  2. Pingback: Status | Creative Signe

  3. Yes Signe, I believe you are correct! We do share a lot of traits… and thoughts it seems. I hope you love my hometown. Say hi to my family if you see them around please. 😉

    • I know. That is the cool thing about this virtual world – finding you know someone without knowing what they look like. You do know that I would not be ashamed to walk around Cairns saying ‘CJ says hi’ to random strangers?

  4. Boy, I just wrote a comment to you about the perils of using Englishas an acquired language. I would like to take it all back. You don’t need no advice, already from this list I can tell you know perfectly well how to say things.

    • Hi Klaus,
      Thank you so much for your long comment, I really appreciated it! And I do like your advice. I spend a lot of time reflecting on my writing, so it is really nice to find other people engage in the topic. I so agree with what you are saying. Especially in regards to the smalltalk and that we have to think before we write. It is very rare that I post without having left the post for a while, so I can return with the critical gramatical eye 🙂
      Also I sometimes use the uncommon metaphors, but I’ve wondered if it is a good idea. Now I have a ‘partner in crime’ and will continue!
      Thank you so much for your kind words, it is very encouraging.
      Best wishes

      • I think it’s a wonderful piece of art to make a list like this. It seems much more honest, authentic, and actually inspiring than the usual kind of resume, inspiring for the reader to be open to nuances, contradictions, and those ten thousand flashes of appearances that make up the idea of a person.
        It’s a pleasure to know you a bit. – Studying crime in beautiful Cairns, what a wonderful crazy world. All the best.

      • Thank you so much Klaus. It took me AGES to make it into something which was just a little meaningful.

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