Saturday Song

Saturday I do archery. I love, love, love my sport, but there is NOTHING left of me when I return home in the afternoon. Since the start of archery season, there has been no posts on this day and I cannot, cannot, cannot think the two thoughts required to write anything (I originally wrote “anything meaningful”, but that would be stretching many of the other posts). So I have come up with an alternative! While I will be crawling onto my sofa with a cup of tea and a biscuit, I understand that the rest of the world is firing it up on Saturday night. To help you do that, I will post something that I am currently listening to. I have given myself ONE task in selecting my Saturday song:
Keeping in mind that the audience for this blog is (more or less) divided between two nations, Denmark and Australia, I will put on something from either place – a music tradeoff.

For this first post I have chosen Mellemblond; their debut EP Elastisk was released in 2011. They sing in Danish, but I think the groove of this song, Mørkt Stof, speaks for itself. Enjoy!


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