“Suttle” is not my middlename

Mr Husband didn’t want to take the picture; he just wanted to stay in the background telling stupid jokes. Now he thinks I should put it on my blog. It is the part of me that he is not sure about. He keeps saying that I should be a politician, but this is not what he means. I think it violates his Italian esthetics – or maybe some privacy code on politics, I don’t know. He doesn’t like my Australia Day t-shirt either. But he did walk proudly next to me at the supermarket yesterday. That is progress.

If you needed a reason to put on the t-shirt, other than the one I gave you yesterday (sexual violence is still used as a weapon of war) I found it really interesting that the day coincided with Forbes announcing the 1000 richest people in the world. Top ten: all men (though I do love the fact that the richest man in the world is not white).  The three people on the list from my country: men. Top ten richest women all look like Margaret Thatcher.


One thought on ““Suttle” is not my middlename

  1. the top ten richest: are men… well and thats maybe (and I in some ways agree with that) because the world is not an equal playground for men and women – but maybe there´s another reason as well because really is money more important than time with the people you love and your family? I dont think these men are spending a lot of time with their family and I especially dont think that their families have a feeling that they are the most important thing in their husbands/fathers/sons/friends life….. so my conclusion is that this is more an example of women being better at prioritizing their time 🙂 other than that I can find MANY examples of equality not being in place; just take the way society look at prestige in jobs in welfare/healthcare ctr jobs in banking/consulting….

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