Let the Head Spin begin

Yesterday I added the post ‘Make Kony Famous’.I still whole heartedly support this case and what it is trying to do. BUT I do have a few questions, which I thought I’d raised, now that I have gotten you all to sign up (I signed up myself too – so don’t worry).

This video is not a clear-cut case of good and bad. There are some questions we need to ask, especially around the solutions they offer: why is it the US  military and not the UN, who are training the Ugandan army? And why are they training/empowering the Ugandan army, who have also recruited child soldiers in the past? Why is their (only) solution one of violence/military conflict, between two parts who have a long history of fighting each other?

I do not support violence, especially military violence. I do not support another war in Uganda. BUT Kony needs to be captured. As part of my work at Griffith University (on sexual violence) I have read just about every report, published by Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch on Uganda. I have no doubt in my mind that the Lords Resistance Army, with Kony at the front, needs to be stopped. For decades, they have migrated from country to country in that region and destroyed the lives of millions. For no other reason than Kony (and a few of his fellow men) being absolutely mad as hell. One thing my friends is the 30.000 children he has captured (and that estimate is unfortunately low). Another is the millions of people they have robbed, raped and killed on their migrating ways. There will never be peace in Uganda and the countries surrounding Uganda before Kony and the Lords Resistance Army is gone. Never.

I don’t know if military violence is the answer. The Ugandan army needs education/training. I question if it is the role of the US army to do so, but the UN peacekeepers didn’t do it while they were there. Staying silent about the LRA isn’t the answer either. It has to stop. Kony has to stop. If any of you need more convincing about that, go to Amnesty International, do a search for “Uganda, sexual violence” and start reading. While you are there, read their article on how the arrest of Kony must respect Human Rights.

Let the head spin begin!


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