Make Kony famous

Good morning ya’ll. Today is International Women’s day and I want to do something important today. I had many good causes in my pocket of passion, but I found that one is more relevant than others at this particular moment. Why? Because it is riding the moment and if we don’t jump onto it, it will die, fade away and be gone.

It is running around the globe like a fireball, many of you have already seen it, Edenland has it on her blog this morning and so will I.

Make Kony famous.

To really understand what this is about and why it is important, you will need half an hour to watch a video. It is really worth while. In short, Kony is the number one most wanted person on the list of the International Criminal Court. Why? Because he captures children and force them to kill. He has done that for 25 years.He should have been stopped a long time ago. He should still be stopped today.

Before starting my PhD, I spent three and a half years researching sexual violence against women around the globe. Kony’s children appeared again and again in the reports we collected. Sexual violence is a weapon of war. There is nothing pretty about, what Kony does.

So let’s make Kony famous. Let him be the most hunted man on earth, a title he rightfully deserves. Let’s talk about him again and again and again, so no one can forget, that he is on top of the list.



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