Weird day yesterday

Yesterday was a weird day. Not only did my trusted source Marshall, turn out to be not so trustworthy, I also ended up drinking dishwashing liquid. Not because of Marshall, but because Mr Husband and I have different habits around the kitchen and I didn’t take notice. Which was weird too after such long time together.

First things first: Marshall was wrong about the calls to your mobile. They can’t charge you for calls. BUT I got new information, through the lovely commentators on the blog, that the very same thing can happen through text messages. If anyone watched the crappy TV, which was on two days ago, they would also know that companies can use the advertising on free apps (on your smartphone) to go through our text messages, contact lists, emails and other fun.

So it was essentially wrong, but not completely. I now need to find out how to register to NOT get the text messages.

Second, I also need to find a suitable diet for the day. I have a feeling that coffee is out of the question. I googled “what to eat if you drank dishwashing liquid” and the first response was “glow in the dark Mountain Dew” which I don’t think is the answer either (try if you don’t believe me).

Third, Mr Husband and I need to have a talk about new rules on how to do dishwashing and not use clean glasses to store dishwashing liquid in, especially not right next to the sink. His wife will fill the glass with water, not notice the bubbles (there were hardly any) and happily drink the water. The observant reader will ask: but couldn’t you taste it, Signe?
Eeeh NO! It did taste a bit funny, but the water in Cairns generally tastes like crap, all tap water in Australia tastes like crap, this time it just tasted like different crap. AND we use eco-friendly, biodegradable, almost organic dishwashing liquid, which probably contains nothing – nothing you can taste anyway.

The experience does give me the opportunity to solve a few myths around eating soap, so in the spirit of public service, I can announce the following: even though you do burp more, no bubbles appear when you do. Bubbles do not appear from the other end either and they do not come out your ears or nose. So it is not the party trick, Disney has made it out to be. Your stomach does start making some very loud and intriguing noises. So much so, that they kept Mr Husband awake at 2am. Serves him right!

SO! Yesterday was exciting. Today has just got to be better. It wont take much, I’m sure.


4 thoughts on “Weird day yesterday

    • ha ha ha ha ha – after I published it, I thought I should have called it “Bubbles anyone?” – but “Bubbly personality” is even more funny!

    • That is closer to a possibility than you could guess – my mother in law washes dishes in bleach, a habit her son is prone to!
      Once a week she uses amoniac – and thinks no one will get sick. So yes! Thank God it wasn’t bleach 😉

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