Do not call

I have told you before about my relationship with telemarketers and like-minded people, how I WANT to be rude, but end up being… nice. For a person like me, the email I received this morning is just about as scary as they come; I cannot tell you how grateful I am to Marshall for sending it to me. Thank you. It is so scary I need to share it with you:

This is for Australian phone numbers.
REMEMBER: Mobile Phone Numbers Go Public next month.
REMINDER: all mobile phone numbers are being released to Telemarketing
companies and you will start to receive sale calls.
Below is a link where you can enter your phone numbers online to put an end
to telemarketing calls. Don’t just delete those calls. Otherwise you will find that you have been signed up for all sorts of extraservices that you didn’t want or know about. Like special chimes, music, etc.


How did that ever become legal? Who made that law?

I am now so registered that it is not funny. Best part? If I receive a call in 30 days from now, I am entitled to make a complaint! Watch my greasy hands go crazy writing that!



11 thoughts on “Do not call

      • I’ve recently done it because a friend of mine got a huge bill because of those stupid sms (they were charged @ $5 each, just to receive them!). I think it depends who is your phone provider. For me it’s Virgin. I rang a special number (275 I think) and then “followed prompts” and it was done. The info was on the Virgin website.

      • AArgh – another worry! Now who allowed that law to pass? It should be illegal! Thanks for the tip. I’ll have to look it up!

    • So much for Marshall! It DID seem a little far out. In saying that, you risk all sorts of security shit on your smartphone if you download apps with adds in them – saw it on TV last night. Must have been inspired…

      • I Know! I’m going to have to make a disclaimer. It will have to wait until tomorrow – not doing too well tonight; will explain tomorrow.
        Am so happy that people are reading this though. What a boost for the day! Thanks for visiting 😉

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