Alarm Devils

It is Monday morning, it’s 7 am and I have been up for an hour. That was NOT supposed to happen. Because I’m a student and can run my life at leisure and because Mr Husband works at night (which means that so do I), it is very rare we set the alarm. Very rare. But today I have an appointment at 9.30, so I thought it would be a good idea to set it at 8am.

The little Alarm Devil that lives inside the clock had other plans.

He has done it before, but that was long enough ago for me to forget it. Here is how it works:
I set my alarm to the hour I want and go to sleep. The Alarm Devil then decides that, at some random hour, the alarm will go ballistic, beep like crazy, blink and commit to the hour of 1.00am (it can be anything o’clock). Three times the Alarm Devil has been so clever as to pick an hour where I do not discover, that it is the wrong time. The light outside looks right, I’ve slept enough to think ‘gosh I could do with two more hours, but I’ll be OK’ and so I get up. I do my thing, bathroom, kitchen, bathroom, coffee, what-to-wear, not-those-shoes and then: what time is it?


By then it is too late. I’ve had my shower, had my coffee and am half way dressed.
Today, I still have two hours to kill before I need to be anywhere. I’m going to spend it exesorsising my alarm clock. Any ideas?



4 thoughts on “Alarm Devils

    • Ha ha ha ha – yes! but does that mean the Alarm Devil moves out and stays around to destroy something else or is he just dead?

  1. hmmmm… not sure. The next step is to drive a stake thru the Alarm Devil’s heart when he’s asleep in the alarm 🙂

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