Hello Webmaster!

I just checked the spam box, just because I’m curious and because one of you could have been picked up as spam. Wouldn’t that be a disaster! In my spam-box I have the following message:

“Hello Webmaster, I noticed that https://creativesigne.wordpress.com/2012/01/28/carrot-salad-danish-style/ is ranking pretty low on Google and has a low Google Page Rank. If you cannot rank high at the top of Google, then you will NOT get the traffic you need”.

Traffic? What traffic? I need traffic? And then there is the: Hello WEBMASTER! Isn’t that just the worst misjudgment of character you have ever seen? I’m the “who can I bother today to get this thing working” – master. THAT is my skill.
According to this, Google has given a page about carrot salad, Danish style a low ranking. Choice: Read the New York times – read about my carrot salad. This is SO HARD! The link works, just in case you have to think a little extra about this one…


4 thoughts on “Hello Webmaster!

  1. Just as well the webmaster was awake because I missed the carrot & apple salad the first time around. Now I’ve read it and it looks pretty good, esp. with the walnuts.
    I think I used to have an allergy to carrots, just because my dad was growing them in the garden and my mum was force feeding them to us, pretending that if we ate lots of carrots, we would never need glasses because: have you ever seen a rabbit wearing glasses??? Well, no! But as you know Signe, i never go anywhere without my glasses because I wouldn’t have a clue where I was going. So there, Mums sometimes lie!

    • My mother craved carrots during pregnancy, like big time. I was completely yellow when I was born – and sport the worst eyesight of the entire family.

    • ha ha ha – yes! OR even better – reversed the theory. Force your child to eat carrots and they will go blind!

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