Basil and blue skies

THAT was a depressing start to the day. I hope you watched the video, but I also hope that you recovered from it a little quicker than I did. I had to go for a walk, have a cup of coffee and blow my nose a few times. Distance and constructive action is not my forte in these cases.

Luckily for me, the universe has decided to cheer me up again. Look what I found, when I came home from work:

A POT OF BROWN SOIL! Oh well, you might need a close up. THIS is what I found:

There is a total of 11 little basil seeds that have broken through the soil. The parsley is still all underground, but the basil has decided to be my friend. In addition, the Cairns sky has agreed to appear for this special occasion. It is with great pleasure that I can show to you, the (almost) blue sky of Cairns. Maybe this means we are getting to the end of water constantly falling out of the sky.


4 thoughts on “Basil and blue skies

  1. Thanks, Signe; that blue sky cheered me up. We haven’t had much of it in Canberra lately! And the best of luck to your little basil plants, I hope they grow big and strong.

    • Neither have we, neither have we. I’m looking forward to the days where blue sky is just the regular thing.
      I have huge hopes for the basil. I can see the difference every day. More plants and bigger ones too. The parsley though… not to be seen yet!

    • Hmmmm – I’ll give them another week. If they are not visible by then, I have to revist the man behind the shelves at Bunnings…

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