This weekend I have been chasing naps. Even in my dreams.
I’ve never tried that before, to dream I need sleep. In the first one I dreamt I had the flu. Real bad. Then (in my dream) Mr Husband tugged me in and said: ‘you just need to sleep’ and I must have dozed off, because I can’t remember anything after that. In the second dream I dreamt I had been awake for 72 hours and was so tired I was crying. Then I got to lie down in my bed and sleep. Needless to say I have a massive blackout after that too.

I had a few things planned for the weekend, which I probably should have cancelled, but other than that I took the hint. Saturday I went to bed at 4pm and woke at 8am. Sunday morning we did our weekly food shopping. We were home at noon and boy did I need a nap. 5 hours. I then managed to stay awake until 10pm – and only because Mr Husband had missed sitting next to me in the sofa, drinking tea. We cuddled up and every 10 minutes he would turn his head and say ‘I love you, you know’. I felt slightly guilty… (and spent a hell of a long time wondering why they still show Rambo III on TV).

It is now Monday morning. I woke at 7am and I have plans for today. Things I’ve been wanting to do for ages. Things I’ve held in front of myself as a carrot while doing that other, more important thing. Things I’m really looking forward to.
All I can think about is when I can have my first nap. Maybe I should just go back to bed.


2 thoughts on “ZZZzzz

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