what a day

Friday was one of those days you look back on in reflection. And with 100 promises to self.
Top on the list is: do not get so nervous. Relax. Try to enjoy the journey. Exams are a place you can shine – show all the things you do know. I don’t know if I will ever be able to take my own advise. In really stoic moments I reflect that maybe we are supposed to get so bloddy nervous. This is life; this is how you know you are a human. Oh well. It was a memorable day.

Best part of the whole day was the evening where we got to see Busby Marou in concert. It was the absolute perfect evening and a great finish to a long day. It was at the Union Jack (pub), where we met up with friends before it started, sat outside eating big fat steaks w chips, had a few drinks and then just leaned back and enjoyed the music.

I have no clue how to review concerts. I still give Busby Marou five out of five stars for a fantastic night.
Thank you!


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