Speaking Australian

We finally got the TV. Look at this:

It’s a bloddy monster – 32 inches! And shiny it is, the new altar. It arrived Monday, which apparently gives us a quite decent delivery time for North Queensland. I bought it on 2 January and was told that it would be there in 5 to 10 days. But that is not what the man ment. He was speaking North Queensland, where 5-10 days mean “I really have no idea, but it will arrive eventually”. I’m starting to understand the local dialect a little better now. It’s not his fault I had no clue. We waited a total of 49 days (no one is counting) and already now I have no idea why I thought it was such a good idea to get one.

On the other hand, if I hadn’t seen it for myself, I would not have believed what is going on in Australian politics right now. If anything ever required a local understanding of the spoken word, this is it. technically I understand what they say. Technically. All politician talk incomprehensible bullshit, including those from my own country, but this takes the prize.

Monday TV: there are rumours that Kevin Rudd will challenge Julia Gillard for the Labour leadership
Kevin Rudd: I fully support Julia as the current leader
Monday TV political commentator: As we just heard, Kevin is planning to challenge Julia

Tuesday TV: Julia, how do you feel about Kevin’s challenge?
Julia: I talk to Kevin all the time and no such thing is happening
Tuesday TV: As we just heard, Julia is preparing for Kevin’s next move

Wednesday TV: Kevin Rudd has stepped down as foreign minister
Kevin: I step down and will now consider what to do after talking to my wife
Wednesday TV: As we just heard, the Labour party will vote for their leadership on Monday

Excuse me?

I FULLY recognise that the political commentators on TV are right, but how the fuck do they know these things? Let me tell you: North Queensland dialect is no challenge in respect to this one. The TV was late, but at least we were on the same page about the conversation being about a TV arriving at some point. This on the other hand!

So far I have concluded that, it is all a charade, they have talked to some back benchers, so they know what is really going on, but HELLO? Could you just tell me that instead of playing “guess that quote?” Foreign speak no native!



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