Monday before noon

What is it about deadlines?

I don’t know one single person who arrives at a major deadline, completely calm and prepared – me included. Yesterday was a massive deadline for me. I had to hand in a major document, before noon. Five weeks ago I made a plan on how to reach that deadline and then spent the next five weeks rearranging that plan. Honestly the last four days seem to have gone up in a haze of panic thinking about “Monday before noon, MONDAY before noon, Monday before NOOON”.

I made it.

I handed in my document Monday before noon. Now I’m making hollow promises to myself about better preparedness, organisation skills and what not. I’m also thinking that maybe the dead in deadline means something….



2 thoughts on “Monday before noon

  1. Bravo, Signe! You did it!
    Your promises about better preparedness remind me of my promises, when I have a hangover, of not drinking to excess ever again …

    • from that perspective, there is no hope 😉
      Yesterday I was preparing the powerpoints for the examination – I was exhausted (!!) after working towards that deadline; couldn’t think. After one hours the power went. I call that divine intervention (or someone rehearsing for the revolution).

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