Things to know about North Queensland

I’ve threatened to write this before. Yesterday I had a conversation which led to point number one. I have added some extras about what happens to you when you live in NQ for a while (some would say too long, but lets not shame the locals).

  1. If feeling crook for some time, you have to consider dengue fever
  2. Having shots against Hep A+B is like eating lollies to prevent the plague
  3. Even though it is a billion degrees, you cannot swim at the beaches in summer; it is stinger* season, crocodile season, shark season and too god damn hot anyway
  4. You begin to understand the meaning of the ‘word’ “Eh”
  5. You start to use the word ‘Eh’ (God help me) as in ‘it’s good eh?’
  6. You learn to vacuum pack your winter clothes for mould prevention; that is anything that you would use for less hot summer and the things you brought from home and will never use again
  7. Towels are used for one day; they never dry but start to mould
  8. Mail takes forever – if it gets here
  9. Outsiders think you’re Not Qualified (NQ)
  10. They also think you bend bananas
  11. After a while you begin to look forward to the Mareeba Rodeo
  12. Your handbag contains: wallet, keys, sunglasses, sunscreen, bug repellant and raffle tickets from the Cock and Bull
  13. You are not surprised when a Cuba Libre gets served with Bundy Rum
  14. You get impressed by the shiny skyblue ute next door and take note of the striking wheel covers
  15. When you are still waiting for your TV six weeks after being told it will be here in 10 days, you have a chat to the guy at Harvey Norman about how hot it is outside



2 thoughts on “Things to know about North Queensland

  1. Dear Signe, I really enjoy reading your blog entries! Still, I must correct you on one small matter of rather linguistic nature. I believe the inevitable tag word is more pronounced ‘(h)ey’ and is delivered in a rising intonation. I can now safely comment on these things since I was lectured just yesterday by a true Queensland bloke on the use of (h)ey (without prior introduction, I hasten to add). While he walked me home because the bus that passes the bus stop only once an hour didn’t show up at all, we practiced the ‘ey?’ together.
    And speaking of intonation, never, never forget the rising intonation while you speak! That’s the quintessential Aussie speech melody to me and I believe it is even more accentuated in Queensland.
    Cheers, mate!

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