When your life is a math problem



Signe decided to crochet a blanket. For that purpose Signe bought 10 rolls of yearn in mixed bright colours and 10 rolls of yarn in white. Signe crocheted granny squares out of the coloured yarn and now has 9 rows of squares with 13 squares in each. Unfortunately for Signe, one roll of white yarn only covers 8 squares. How many rolls of white yarn does Signe need to buy, to cover all the remaining squares with adequate white yarn – remembering that she also needs white yarn to crochet them all together?



well, since I’m already going to have yarn shipped (I buy online) I may as well save some postage and get some more colours for other projects. While I think about that I will try to figure out the rest…


5 thoughts on “When your life is a math problem

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