I have, with great surprise, discovered that other bloggers get contacted by companies who wants them to test and review their products. Not only does this reveal that I have been in a technological vacuum for the past many years (thinking that stories were shared orally – how old-school is that!) it also reveals something about how naive I am when it comes to product promotion. OF COURSE they are using the personal touch. Good thing I don’t work in advertising.

I’ve been all excited about the world of products I could test for a few days now. Then I became realistic. The field is very narrow. Very, very narrow.

  1. I have never read an instruction for anything.
  2. Very few gadgets interest me
  3. I cannot open anything in a jar, bottle, plastic wrap – you name it
  4. I lose my patience with most things in less than three nanoseconds
  5. if it is fancy, I’m not interested (like handmade Tibetan fig jam with cinnamon and smoked grass)
  6. I’m one of the most clumsy people I know
  7. I really am very clumsy

Then it dawned on me! This is the type of product-testing I can do for you:

  • Market interest: if I’m interested – even really excited about your product you can bet your behind that you are more than four years behind all evolution
  • Packaging: if I’m able to unwrap your product, you need better packaging
  • Fanciness: If I like it, you may want to add some sundried Samoan seaweed or a few flowers
  • I can be your crash test dummy (this really excites me). If I can use your product for an entire month without breaking it, you have a winner! Your product is ready for EU certification and can be given to children under the age of 3.

So what do you say? Do you have a product you would like me to test?


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