I know a magician – AND a magicians wife. How cool is that? In all seriousness I have been in doubt if I should write this, because in my world this makes me too cool for school (which I’m not – still there at 39). But since it is true, why not let some of the glitter land on me? Yesterday it certainly did! Because my magic friends have other magic friends and they just happened to be in Cairns – including free tickets for Mr Husband and I to the show! How good is that?

The magician on stage was Michael Boyd and he sure knew how to entertain. The show was funny, glittery and glamorous and we really, really enjoyed it.There were some huge gadgets on stage, women disappearing or being speared by swords – very grand. As enjoyable as the large tricks were, our favourites were still the simple ones. Mr Husband’s favourite was the classic with three steel rings “now they’re together, now they are not” – Michael did it really well. My favourite involved a piece of white paper which was folded, bent and ripped, soaked in water and then returns in flutter; it was super elegant and I wish he had done it twice (yeah yeah, can’t do, bla bla bla – but to my defence, all the Japanese went “oooohhhh” too! I’m sure they wouldn’t have minded).

Because we are friends of friends, I could cyber-stalk Michael Boyd on Facebook where I found pictures from the show. Thieving me has no scruples in smacking them on to this post; it was either that or me taking pictures during the show, which a stern voice warned against at the beginning. Between being a thief and getting in trouble with the stern man, I prefer this. So this is Michael Boyd:

This is where a woman disappears and Michael appears instead

– and this is just some random fire coming out of his fingers. I so wish I could do that (oh, and of course he can make a woman disappear in the cage behind him – just a small detail)

Mr Husband is not the type you pull up to play with. Absolutely not. Before leaving for the show I jokingly said that he would probably be pulled up for a trick: “no no no no no – we are sitting in the back!” Well, guess who found him on the back row. Before he knew it, he was standing in a beam of light with a wooden bucket in his arms; one minute later he also had a duck in his arms and this is a testament to how good the show was: Mr Husband has now agreed that having a pet duck is not out of the question (yeay).

When was the last time you saw a magic show? Don’t you think it’s time?



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