… a little teaser

Well, they’ve done it again at the supermarket. Either that or there is something I don’t know about their cucumbers. This little teaser was to be found in the vegie department:

Cucumber green. They only had cucumbers in that particular colour – but it’s left me wondering about other colours of cucumbers. I’m guessing yellow? Blue? Tricky little fellows they are!

Worse was this sign we saw in the city. I will refrain from mentioning the name of the restaurant; who knows what they will do (they should hang their head in shame).

I bet 95% of you have no clue what is wrong with this picture (apart from bad spelling – they do that on purpose to make you think that they are real authentic foreigners). That’s OK because you don’t own an Italian restaurant. BUT, if you did, you should know that Parma is not in Tuscany. It’s in Reggio Emilia, a completely different region. It was almost fun to watch Mr (Italian Chef) Husband do a backflip “HOW can you own an Italian restaurant and not know that prosciutto from Tuscany and prosciutto from Parma are two VERY DIFFERENT THINGS.” Well – in Cairns you can….


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