This was my night:

11pm – heavy rain with lightning and thunder.

11:30pm –  Rain stopped, frogs held a concert.

Midnight – Neighbour sat with friends on balcony and had a good laugh

1.30 am – someone practised piano.

2 am –  husband snored.

3 am – guitarplayer joined in with piano.

4 am –  husband snored again.

5 am – Someone started praying to buddah (I think)

6 am – kids started screaming.

7 am – husband got up to go fishing and insisted on telling me

8 am – maintenance man started leafblower under our windows

9 am – daycare lady thinks our swimming pools are public so now we have 5 kids screaming their lungs out under our window.

HOW am I expected to be a social person today? HOW I ask! Am I expected to smile at my neighbours today? What if I smile at the fucking piano or guitar player and they think it is because I think they were just wonderful? They should have their arms cut off! AND sugar needs to go in the tank of the leafblower, the frogs need to be poisoned, the screaming kids need to die and the daycarelady go to prison. Mr husband, well mr husband needs to stay fishing for a looong time…

Do I need to say that the Happiness Project is slightly uphill today?



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