I don’t like chickpeas

We just had dinner and for the first time EVER, Mr husband cooked something I didn’t like. It sounded good: chicken, rosemary and chickpea salad with garlic and olive oil. I had a vision of something greenish, light and nice. It wasn’t. In reality I think it is because I don’t like chickpeas – I just didn’t know that. I like them when they have been turned into hummus or camouflaged in a soup or something.

So there I was, 5 years old, with a really irritating facial expression, eating one chickpea at a time untill Mr husband finally asks in a fatherly voice: “do you like the food?” What-to-say-what-to-say-I’m-an-adult-I’m-supposed-to-like-chickpeas: “no”

Mr husband looks at me with a very serious expression and says in a stern voice (while I hang my head): “well if you don’t like the food, you can have crackers with smoked salmon and avocado” HANG ON! Salmon and avocado? Hey hey, look what I found in the fridge: Philadelphia cheese, gorgonzola AND smoked salmon and avocado! Hep hep, I don’t like chick peas!



One thought on “I don’t like chickpeas

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