Parcel Revolution

I just sent this email:

Hi Rahul,
Something earth-shattering and life-changing happened today. I actually made it to the postoffice. If I can do this, there is still hope for the revolution!
Hope you are well,
Much love

For ONE YEAR I have had, in the possession of my little greasy hands, one of the best presents I am ever going to give to anyone (at least I think so). It is so right for that one special person, so well thought through, he would not know what to choose if he could have this or a car, so yeah: ONE YEAR (I should consider consulting in a Department of Torture somewhere). It is so ridiculous that it is not even worth talking about. At least I have been able to look at it for one year and go: “Oh yeah, Rahul is so going to love this and so going to be my best friend forever once he gets it”. I aint telling you what it is, because who knows what they spend time on at the Times of India – they could be reading blogs all day. But you can have a sneak peak at the size:

6 months ago I bought a T-shirt for my friend’s daughter. She is 6. I bought it for children age 8. My friend calls it ‘insight to self’ – I call it practical (I still have the T-shirt; there is still time).

Since I was at the postoffice I managed to get a second parcel out of the way. I hope Pip likes the pom poms and use them at the wedding (check out meetmeatmikes on 16 January and me on 17 January). I really do. Because I have this plan: my office is right next to the Asian students who are doing the ‘learn English’ course. They are nice and we chit chat. I look forward to saying. ‘I’m good thanks for asking, I just sent pom poms to a wedding in Melbourne. I think they really enjoyed it’ (the Asian students say they think I’m funny, who knows?)


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