Carrot Salad (Danish style)

Today we were invited to a BBQ for lunch and were very uncertain what the deal was as the invitation came from a Chinese family – and it was the first time we were at their house. We had to bring a dish and almost passed out trying to come up with something. Was it an Aussie barbie? was it a Chinese barbie? Would a barley/garlic/tomato/basil salad go with Chinese food? Could we put cheese in the salad? (lactose and Asians you know) A chicken salad? WHAT??

And then I saved the day! I suddenly remembered the traditional Danish Carrot Salad, goes with everything, tastes fabulous, kids love it AND I still haven’t met anyone who is allergic to it (come out of the closet you people with carrot allergy – I’m sure you’re in there!)

You need to hang on tight and pay attention now, because this is the most difficult dish you will ever make. Have a coffee if you need, before you continue reading!

You need, in equal amounts: carrot, apple and orange. If you have one carrot, you need one apple and one orange. If you have two carrots, you need two apples and two oranges. If you have four apples, four carrots and only three oranges, you will survive!

My favourite apple for this dish is Granny Smith. My favourite oranges are the Naval ones (hint: the bigger the naval, the better the orange). I also prefer organic produce… but I live in Cairns, so local market stuff will do. I therefore peeled the apples and carrots.

You make juice out of the oranges:

You grate the apples and carrots, mix them in a bowl and pour orange juice over and Voila! Bon Appetite! And let me just say: you will be amazed at how good this is.

As you can see I sprinkled a bit of chopped Walnuts on top, because it is really yummy and looks nice. Don’t do that. Not if you are taking it anywhere at least, because there will be approximately 17.000 children at the BBQ who are allergic to nuts and some very protective mothers. End of story. Everyone else loved it. The Danes also like to pop sultanas or raisins in.. go for it.

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