Go for a walk (Zen Master Part II)

After my massive sit-down protest yesterday, which moved Australia to tears, I arrived home in need of seeing something that was not home. You know the feeling; there are weeks where all we do is home-work-sleep-home-work-sleep-home-work-sleep-home-work-sleep. Insanity is luring in the back of our heads and we need AIR! I don’t know what I was thinking but I arrived home and said to Egi Master San: Let’s go for a walk! He said: look out the window!

I don’t know how I missed it (I am currently blaming my umbrella for hiding reality from me), but I took it as a chance for me to make Tropical Zen Master Part II. I now have the great thrill of being able to listen to tropical rain in surround sound! Again, this is not special rain, just ordinary rain season, which should qualify this video for the ‘Top 10 of most boring videos on a blog’ – if ever there was such a list:

I am still pretty content that I staged my sit-down protest to be in my office and not outside; I am also pretty content that I didn’t go for the traditional Aussie BBQ: ‘Here, have a wet hotdog, the steaks will have finished boiling in two minutes’

Did we go anywhere? Of course not! We sat on our fat arses in the sofa, watched half of season 5 of “The Wire”, ate cookies, then ate pasta with cream, gorgonzola and bacon and then we farted. In other words, we stayed true to the concept of doing good things. We can go for a walk in April.



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