Some of Australia Day

Today is Australia day – the commemoration of the date James Cook arrived down under and created Australia. Well, dear friends, I just cant do it. Because of the date, it is not a day that brings us together as a nation. It is not a day that celebrates what is amazing in this country (that I like so much). I have to side with the Aboriginal commemoration, renaming it Invasion Day or in some places Survival Day.

Problem is, I couldn’t find anyone to commemorate with. I trawled the internet to find some kind of activity here in Cairns, but failed. If it happened, it sure didn’t make it to the media. So what to do then? Well, I heard someone say: “I don’t see them stupid activist minding having a day off’ – so that is what I’ve done today. Gone to work. Aint nottin funny bout dat…


One thought on “Some of Australia Day

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