Tropical Zen Master (deadly and pissy)

The below video is not interesting. At all. It could be included in a zen master compilation of how-to-bore-yourself-to-death meditation. I filmed it last night to give non-Cairns citizens an idea of what rain season means in the tropics. It was not a special night, I was not looking to catch the lightning, it was just because I got so tired of listening to the rain….I wanted to share it with someone! Now I have a 3 minute video so I can create stereo rain – for that special occasion when I seriously need to bore myself to death

An interesting detail to this wonderful story is that I got wet facing the rain when filming this video, though not enough to feel it warranted a change of clothes (humidity is high here, we are used to being comfortably clammy all the time). When Egi Master San came home from work he snuggled in next to me in the sofa-bed-sofa, kissed me and said: “did you piss your pants?”

How that became the regular question to ask, I don’t know, but I also wonder: HOW do you piss your pants so they become wet on the front? And how was it assumed that I naturally master this speciality, so I can sit back down in the sofa and continue crocheting in peace?


2 thoughts on “Tropical Zen Master (deadly and pissy)

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