Mocha = Coffee ?

In 2008 ‘the Australian’ (newspaper) reported on an international evaluation of how kids are performing in school all around the world. What I remember from the study is that Australian students were on level with those in Kazakhstan… and that Queensland students were bottom in Australia.

While Egi Master San was fishing the other night I heard this conversation on Palm Cove Pier between two teenage girls:
Girl 1: OH MY GOD – I had this like biscuit like it tasted soo good

Girl 2: aaarrrwww what was like the taste

Girl 1: it said like mocha

Girl 2: what is mocha?

Girl 1: it is like a flavour

Girl 2: whats it like?

PAUSE – innocent bystander (not me) feels they should be friendly and help out and says: Mocha is coffee

Girl 1 (fierce): Why the fuck would they call it mocha if it is coffee?

– and they piss off out of there! I’m just saying…


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