Egi Master San

Mr husband is a keen fisherman. It is not a hobby, it is not a passion, it is an obsession. Unfortunately for him, Australians don’t really get what he is up to; they think they are keen fishermen, but in reality they just like to soak a line and drink beer (apart from one or two, but lets generalise, just for the spirit of it). Mr Husband has very different gear to Australians and we cannot count the amount of times Australian fishermen have made fun of him for it – that is, until he catches all the fish and they get nothing. Then they get pissed off and leave. Luckily there is another audience for him, those who recognise his talent: the Japanese!

Last night Mr Husband went fishing for squid. Now not only did the Australian fishermen make fun of his rod, every single one of them asked: “fishing for live bait mate?” It is experiences like these, where we feel very much as foreigners – and part of the immigrant community. EVERY SINGLE non-Australian came up to him and said: “yum, nice dinner” (that is at least our translation from Japanese, Chinese and Greek – the Italian we understood perfectly well). He even had a crowd of Japanese so impressed that they gave him this splendid name, to which he will now only respond: Egi Master San

Luckily Egi Master San does not give a rats arse about the bullying of Australian fishermen, he just brings home his catch and cooks it for his wife, who is very impressed and claps at him duely. Yesterday he caught 23 squid in 3 hours. 10 he gave to another Italian, 13 he cooked for me. This is what they looked like alive:

and this is what they looked liked as salt-n-pepper lemon squid:

and lightly marinated in olive oil, grapefruit juice with toasted sesame seeds:


To entertain you all, I made the following video. I encourage you to watch my totally out of focus video demonstrating how squid change colour. If you have sound you will discover how we stayed in the 90s (Massive Attack) and that Egi Master San cannot sing.


7 thoughts on “Egi Master San

    • I heard the BEST conversation between two Australian teenage girls while on the pier. Maybe I should put it on the blog…

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