Picking up young men

This week I had the fine experience of picking up some lovely young men in the city and spending the day with them.

We get visitors on a regular basis – because that is what they were, visitors (what did you think?). Most visitors are from my home country as Danes are really generous (MUCH more so than Italians) when it comes to sharing contacts with each other. This week I was picking up my brother’s friend-from-way-back’s children’s dance teacher and his friend.

To save agony and confusion I offered to pick them up in the city, arrived at the destination and found row after row of young men waiting around with their hands in their pockets… I DID NOT expect that…but what was I thinking? It was a backpackers! Because I don’t always pay attention, I had no idea what they looked like and therefore found myself eyeing a whole series of young potentials. Did they get uncomfortable or what? You could see the alarm bells go off: “cougar alert – cougar alert”.

In the end it also got uncomfortable for me, so I pulled out my trusty notebook and sat on a bench with the following message:

It took me straight from nasty lady to weird lady, but it did the trick and I found Mads and Jesper.

Was it worth it? Absolutely. I had a lovely day where I got to speak my own language with actual, live, moving individuals – a 3D experience that I rarely get. When I waved goodbye at the bus, I found myself wishing they had stayed a little longer, but they had adventures ahead.

PS this is, so far, one of the TOP things on the 2012 good things list


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