pretty good things

Since I AM participating in the happiness project, I will update you on some pretty good things from today:

  1. White tea – we had two testers sent to us from T2 tea; one a mild neutral taste (Pai Mu Tan) and one with rose. I liked the first one the best, Nicola the second. None of us like the price enough to buy it…
  2. Popcorn – which I can eat anytime, day or night, breakfast, lunch or dinner. Served to me today as I was dying on the sofa
  3. Yarn basket – just looking at it makes me happy… I managed to entertain myself with it for quite a while
  4. sofa-bed-sofa, with movable cushions – a real comfort when feeling uncomfortable
  5. Online TV – I was excatly sharp enough to manage x-factor today.

Even more fabulous today, but not in the picture, was that, for the very first time, I had sushi served to me by my husband! I am the designated sushi maker in our household, have been for close to 12 years, but today Nicola put his abilities to the test (as I was dying on the sofa!). He did so well! He even made sashimi roses out of tuna and salmon. What a shame for him!


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