blackout scabs

Yesterday I had intended to write a post that was to start the series: “what you need to know about North Queensland” – but since we were encouraged to go comatose I didn’t. The inspiration to this new series appeared a few days ago in the local newspaper, which ran this happy news story:

The list (which I will make a more thorough version of at some point) naturally started with a list of ailments that you may as well get used to living up here – eczema, boils, blisters, rashes etc. Nemesis struck and yesterday morning I woke with this next to my eye:

Pretty innocent, but pretty weird to go to bed with nothing and waking with swollen nose/yellow scab. It put me in the unfamiliar position of having to ask my husband the question: “Honey, did you hit me last night?” (he swears he didn’t and that I would have noticed, but I’m pretty oblivious to the bashing I get when I snore).

By this morning, the encouragement to black out was fully accepted by my body and I woke up unable to open my left eye, had two additional decorative scabs in my face, hot as hell. To add to my beauty my glasses can only fit on the tip of my swollen nose and there is no way I’ll get contact lenses into my eyes.

Next time there is a black out, I’m lighting a candle!




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