Book list

I have decided to add a list of the books I have read this year – and continue to update it as I go along. Reading is my escape, my indulgence and it is very, very rare that I do not finish a book – it has to be really monster crap. In my day-job I often read heavy, complicated, academic nonsense, so my pleasure reading is not always of a literary high quality – though sometimes it is!

I have a tendency to plow through books; once I start, I don’t mind to stay put for 6 hours straight. Nicola works most nights and I try to stay awake to greet him when he comes home, which gives me many available evenings, where I can cook something healthy and snuggle into the corner of the sofa. Like yesterday! (and as you can see, the next rating is going to be James Patterson: Along Came A Spider):

For now, I think I will include only books that I read for leisure, but who knows – I might just find that one book on innovative justice that kept me up all night, thrilled with delight.

I’ve decided to rate the books as I go along; feel free to disagree with my judgement.

PS I do not feel a need to defend that I drink green soda at the age of 39 – wasn’t this what we all dreamed to do when we were 10 and just knew how we were going to live?


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