Am I making chickens?

I have just ordered a bucket-load of yarn, but until it arrives I’m projectless…

Hence, I was thrilled to read Pips post of the day from Meet Me at Mikes, where she encourages us all to HELP HER (you can help her too if you want). Two problems solved in one go! Be good to someone and be occupied with craft. Oh Yeah! So what are we doing? We are making pom-poms!

Even though I realise that you have ALL learned to make these at school, I will proceed with at picture tutorial. You take a piece of cardboard, find some round things in your household and draw circles! The you cut them out!

You gather two circles together and start wrapping yarn through the hole. I like to roll up a little yarn to a cocoon shape which fits through the hole; when it looks like this, you know something went wrong..

You have wrapped enough yarn, when there is room for no more to go through the hole (a crochet hook makes the last couple of rounds so much easier – just saying). Then it is time to cut the yarn. You stick the scissor in between the two pieces of cardboard and start cutting.

You pull a string through the cardboard and tie a knot. All the little strings are now tied together and secured. You can pull off the cardboard and (drumroll) TADA

When I rolled out the yarn basket, Nicola (as always) got the worried eye on: “what are you doing?” – I said pom-poms. He looked confused. Two minutes later he asked again. I answered. Another long pause. I could see the worry line grow, so I asked him what he thought I was doing. He got up, had a look and said: “what the fuck are you making chickens for? I thought you were making popcorn!”.

So my husband is deaf and he knows how to make chickens out of pom-poms… you learn something every day…



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