What goes around…

I have had 48 hours of goodness exploding my way. I know the idea is that I do good things to others, but there sure are many people who do good things to me too.

It stated with a note in the mailbox saying I had mail (no, it started with us going to Green Island, but you don’t want to hear about that):

Notice that it says 2 parcels are waiting for you! I got so excited I left my keys in the mailbox and forgot all about them.

One parcel I had ordered myself – which is slightly cheating – but WOW do they know how to make you happy with your order at T2 tea. I love that company and put it at the very top of “good things”.

The second parcel was from my brother and contained our Christmas presents. I was so excited by the content that I forgot to take a photo once we had unwrapped the presents. I got TWO fantastic books – crime novels – by authors I have never heard of – woop woop!. I headed straight for the sofa, with the lollies only a Dane would cry in joy to receive.

I stayed on the sofa for the rest of the day (and night) and the supportive husband stated: I will make you something REALLY nice for lunch. Sit tight, its going to be amazing. Woo hoo, Italian cheffie go go go! With a massive smile and a “see what I did” face, he presented me with a hotdog! I decided to eat it in the spirit it was presented – it HAS to be a man thing (it was yummy).

This morning someone knocked quite persistently on our front door. Outside stood a young Chinese man with my keys: “I think you left these in your mailbox”

I don’t care what anyone says! Today I’m listening to Justin Timberlake “what goes around, comes around, goes around, comes all the way back around’


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